Crowdfunding should Hardcorefestival Ieperfest save

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It’s not so good with the Ypres music festival IeperHardcoreFest, or Ieperfest. The organisers hope that after a difficult year, a crowdfunding startup for the summer festival to the rescue. Ieperfest, several times awarded as the greenest festival of Flanders, was this year in its 26th edition.

Ieperfest is an outsider on the festival calendar. The festival focuses on hardcoremuziek, a genre that a few decades ago in West-Flanders, a strong advance knew by the H8000 movement, and bands like Congress and Liar. But that generation is aging and the influx of new bands is limited, which makes the genre what goes out. Also in addition to the music is Ieperfest particularly under more ecological approach, their vegan meals, and many socially critical performances, lectures and documentaries.

Although Ieperfest in that nichegenre is still one of the biggest festivals in Europe, it’s also for the organisers increasingly difficult to make a large mass on the leg. “The weather, the low turnout and the competition with other festivals, made of Ieperfest 2018 no success”, what it sounds like. The organization has never worked with large sponsors and invested the income and gains of the previous editions, in each case in the following. Due to the limited success of the most recent edition should be the organization to find additional financial resources to the festival in 2019 to ensure. “The festivallandschap of today has changed dramatically. Bands are more expensive, logistical, cost, and competition with, and often well-sponsored, mainstream festivals starts by the road, says the.

And so is a crowdfunding started. Ieperfest wants to appeal to the fans and supporters to create a 27th edition to organize.

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