Cat Kerkhofs drive down on stairs castle Gert Verhulst

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Cat Kerkhofs was clearly very happy with her invitation to talk show ” Gert Last Year. In all her enthusiasm she drove almost the castle of the Studio 100 boss.

For the second year opens Gert Verhulst the gate of his castle in the Ardennes to work together with James Cooke back on the past year. Each episode pass there are also a number of BV’s in review. Yesterday was the recording site with the wife of Dries Mertens, who in recent years also made a name for himself has made: Cat Kerkhofs.

The conscious Château de Targnon is located in Stoumont on a hill and has a driveway right in front of the castle splits via the right-hand side you can just before the door in the car, the left-you can park on a slightly higher level where visitors with a staircase the castle.

Kerkhofs took the left fork, and in the dark not seen that they are on the increase had to stop. She rode straight on and came with her BMW stuck on the stairs. Luckily some fellow BV’s to the rescue, including Viktor Verhulst, Steven Van Herreweghe and the inevitable Niels Destadsbader.

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