Bruiloftsklokken read for Gert Verhulst

Bruiloftsklokken read for Gert Verhulst

Gert Verhulst is already eleven years together with Ellen Callebout. Humo reveals the West-Flemish clean how Gert Verhulst is home to behave, and she confirms her words by telling about the unique marriage proposal that Gert Verhulst her.

Gert Verhulst has long the image had a cool entrepreneur, however, wants his girlfriend Ellen Callebout have one comment to make. Because Gert is not as cool as he sometimes comes across. On the contrary. “He is actually very sensitive,” says Ellen in Humo. “That stuursheid sits in his gaze, and he is also really timid.” So will Gert Verhulst no eye contact search with people he doesn’t know, and reveals his girlfriend. Small talk is not his specialty. “Yes, you do that, you come from the hospitality industry,” he says against Ellen. Therefore, Gert also so happy when he’s with James down the street. That attracts all attention to itself, leaving Gert in the background can continue.

Yet it is the image of Gert changed over the decades. After his participation to The Smartest Man he was suddenly them laughing on his hand. “Who Verhulst is, nevertheless, not such a boring, piet,” was the tenor. And after he also set the record broke into The world’s Smartest Man, he was also taken more seriously. Suddenly he got a positive review, “even in The Morning,” laughs Ellen Callebout. It bothers Gert that “artyfarty stuff” that for scores of praising comments, but kabouter Plop seems to be no quality product. “Why not,” he asks.

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