Ajax must extend against Roda JC in the KNVB cup

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Ajax must extend against Roda JC in the KNVB cup

19 december, 2018 18:16
19-12-18 18:16
Latest update: 34 minutes ago
Update: 34 minutes ago


The eighth-finals of the TOTO KNVB cup continued Wednesday with the matches ODIN’59-sc Heerenveen (1-3), Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur (2-1) and Roda JC-Ajax (20.45 hours). Follow everything in this liveblog.

Roda JC-Ajax (1-1)

ODIN’59-Heerenveen 1-3
Fortuna Sittard-Cambuur 2-1Roda JC-Ajax · a few seconds geleden118′ A predicament for the purpose of Roda JC, but it does not goal. Onana is now within the lines for Lamprou for the penaltyserie.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 minutes geleden116′ The time is ticking by and it seems to be on penalty’s to run. Onana is ready to fall.Roda JC-Ajax · 5 minutes geleden113′ The corners of Ajax are far lta today. This time the ball of Blind already behind before that, for the purpose.Roda JC-Ajax · 7 minutes geleden112′ Tadic tries a meter or twenty. Via Novakovic is a corner.Roda JC-Ajax · 9 minutes geleden110′ What a chance for Ajax! Dolberg from close head, but Novakovic has a great rescue in the house.Roda JC-Ajax · 10 minutes geledenOpmerkelijk: André Onana runs hot at Ajax. The goalkeeper still inside the lines for any penaltyserie?Roda JC-Ajax · 12 minutes geleden106 Now a nice chance for Ajax, but the shot of substitute Václav Cerny is blocked.Roda JC-Ajax · 13 minutes ago106′ We are going to continue with the last quarter of the extension period.Roda JC-Ajax · 15 minutes agoThe first half is over! There are still fifteen minutes of football. Roda JC is currently a lot more dangerous than Ajax.Roda JC-Ajax · 19 minutes geleden103′ What a chance for Roda JC! Mart Remans truncates themselves freely and shoot from seven metres on target, but not enough in the corner. Lamprou can times.Roda JC-Ajax · 21 minutes geleden100′ English is very controlled and seems to be on the way to Lamprou, but the Roda JC-attacker is set aside by Schuurs and gets no penalty.Roda JC-Ajax · 22 minutes geleden99′ The picture remains the same. It may be strange, however, be mentioned how the Ajax fails to Roda JC from the Kitchen Champion Division harder to make than it is now.Roda JC-Ajax · 27 minutes geleden95′ Still no chances for both clubs in the renewal. Ajax also has now a lot of the ball, but constitutes no danger.Roda JC-Ajax · 31 minutes ago91′ We are going to continue in Kerkrade! Can Ajax in the extra time against Roda JC?Roda JC-Ajax · 35 minutes agoWe are going to extend in Kerkrade! Ajax comes after 90 minutes, along Roda JC and so we get overtime.Roda JC-Ajax · 38 minutes geleden90 ” There will be three minutes.Roda JC-Ajax · 39 minutes geleden89′ Kopkans of Dolberg, but the Dane is aiming for. It is far from a great chance, but a lot more is not currently for Ajax.Roda JC-Ajax · 41 minutes geleden87′ It looks like an extension from turning, because Ajax is baking, there is still very little. After rest the Amsterdammers still not a big chance.Roda JC-Ajax · one hour geleden81′ The way Frenkie de Jong the ball, forget to bring, is a bit of a sign of the Ajax of today. The Locals still have about ten minutes for the extension to the victory.Roda JC-Ajax · one hour geleden73 ” The Is tries of distance and brings the goalkeeper Novakovic in the problems, but Huntelaar can in the rebound not benefit.Roda JC-Ajax · one hour geleden68′ Erik ten Hag grabs. Matthijs de ligt and Kasper Dolberg to come within the lines. Wöber and Zakaria Labayad be changed.Roda JC-Ajax · one hour geleden65′ Roda JC is hardly more of the own half, but is still no great chances to Ajax, in a low tempo plays.Roda JC-Ajax · one hour geleden61′ Ajax try it with crosses. Max Wöber can heads, but targets about. It is not yet good enough for the Locals. Roda JC has the good order.Roda JC-Ajax · one hour geleden53′ Ajax has also after rest a lot of the ball, but the visitors don’t manage to give the home team broke down the play and creating opportunities.Roda JC-Ajax · one hour ago,46′ We continue with the second half. Ajax can still bake.Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 2 hours ago

Past! Fortuna Sittard stand and reached the quarter-finals. In house wins the Fc 2-1 SC Cambuur.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours agoIt is calm in Kerkrade! There seemed to be nothing going on for Ajax, but Roda JC is still in the match: 1-1.Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 2 hours ago90′ GOAL SC Cambuur! 2-1

It may still be for the visitors? Cambuur is doing what back and play the final minutes with a man more. Karim Rossi is the headline in touch.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours geleden44′ Ajax chases after the 1-1 draw on the 1-2. The Amsterdammers play certainly not their best duel and have trouble with playing opportunities.Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 2 hours ago84′ Red for Fortuna Sittard!

Goalkeeper Aykut Özer is allowed to leave for natrappen.Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 2 hours ago80′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 2-0

The year-old Lazaros Lamprou blasts of close to the second of Fortuna within.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours ago36′ GOAL Roda JC! 1-1

Also the home team’s shooting touch from the dot. Mitchel Paulissen scored for Roda JC.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours ago46′ Penalty goal for Roda JC!

Lamprou makes a violation in the completed English and will be punished.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours geleden34 Nice blast of Jannes Vansteenkiste, but Lamprou can save.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Half an hour on the clock in Kerkrade. Ajax is better and also leads earned with 0-1, but in the transition, ensures Roda JC and, occasionally, danger.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours geleden30′ A placed ball from David Neres provides almost the 0-2, but goalkeeper Radomir Novaković brings salvation.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours geleden27′ Ajax-goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou must come into action after a placed ball from English. On the other hand, reads Huntelaar just next.Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 2 hours geleden68′ Now scores Novakovich, but the goal is disallowed because of offside. No 2-0 to Fortuna.Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 2 hours geleden64′ Nearly 2-0 for Fortuna Sittard. Striker Andrija Novakovich puntert the ball against the post.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours geleden20′ Roda JC started strong in the match, but Ajax has now a lot of the ball on the half of the home team.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours ago13′ GOAL Ajax! 0-1

Tadic shoots, not for the first time this season, touch from the dot.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours ago12′ Penalty to Ajax!

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to the ground and the Locals get a penalty.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours geleden8′ Dusan Tadic ensures for the first Amsterdam danger, but his bet is early days. On the other hand, lurks Roda JC on the conversion.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours geleden4 ” The first danger is of Roda JC after a long ball. But Mario English does not come along Ajax defender perret neighbour Schuurs.Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 2 hours geleden46′ in Sittard football. Fortuna leads with 1-0 against SC Cambuur.Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours ago1′ The ball is rolling in Kerkrade!Roda JC-Ajax · 2 hours geledenDe players come onto the field in Limburg. What can Roda JC in their own home against Ajax?Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 3 hours geledenHet of rest in Sittard! Fortuna leads with 1-0 against SC Cambuur.Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur · 3 hours geledenVlak for peace is Fortuna still on a 1-0-lead against SC Cambuur. The home team is the better and lead also gained.Back to top

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