Us Senate approves reform prison system well: ‘Will communities safer,”

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The U.s. Senate has Tuesday night by a large majority, the First Step Act was approved, which provides for the reform of the criminal convictions and the federal prison system. The initiative comes from president Donald Trumps son-in-law and regeringsmedewerker, Jared Kushner.

By the First Step Act can the life sentence some drug offenders to be reduced to 25 years. There will also be programs on the rope be taken, for recidivism to occur. Prisoners whose risk is very small that they again facts will commit can earn points, which, it is faster than the prison allowed to leave to go to a reclasseringscentrum to go or their sentences in house arrest. In addition, revisions are possible, the penalties for crack use, since that is disproportionately higher than the penalties for cocaine use and especially the minorities take.

The draft law was approved with 78 votes for and 12 votes against. The nays all came from Republicans. It is expected that the also raft by the House of Representatives will get, and then a signature from the president will get. Trump congratulated the senators for their approval. ‘This will make our communities safer, and hope and a second chance offer to those who deserve it. In addition, billions of dollars can be saved. I look forward to this sign there is a law of!’, wrote the president on Twitter.

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