Tim Verheyden explains Facebook practices exposed

fa13ec4b5074ab2bac5c0830a698975e - Tim Verheyden explains Facebook practices exposed

Tim Verheyden start on January 21, the new documentary series Facebook and I. He also has about the shadowy side of the medium. “That I experienced firsthand after the Pano-report about the extreme right-wing organization Shield & Friends. After that report I received via Facebook a lot of responses, including many curses and threats,” he says in The Standard. “The female VTM-colleague that this weekend was attacked during the demonstration against the Migratiepact, made me think. That movie was through social media shared. Below posted people, especially men who often just with their wife and children on Facebook, the most filthy and raunchy things about that VTM-colleague and also about the VRT. They let their unfiltered frustrations about anything and everything and do statements that they in ordinary life are never directly against someone would say. The mission of Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is: bringing the world together. Is he there succeeded if you see what is on “his” Facebook happening?’

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