Thousands of soldiers ‘stand ready’ to British government support in the event of no-deal Brexit

1a6da8e1175427ae712b6ca835447321 - Thousands of soldiers ‘stand ready’ to British government support in the event of no-deal Brexit

The British government keeps to 3,500 soldiers behind the hand to public authorities to support if Britain next year without scheidingsakkoord from the European Union get. That has Defence minister Gavin Williamson announced in the parliament.

The military, including reservists, to keep themselves ‘ready’ for governmental services to support that assistance would need to address the consequences of a Brexit without deal to address. Williamson clarified that no service so far a formal request for military assistance has been submitted.

The British government came Tuesday morning meeting to review the preparations for departure without echtscheidingsakkoord. On one of the days of the Brexit on 29 march is that, ” an operational priority’, said Brexit-minister Stephen Barclay.

Barclay emphasized that the government still gives priority to an ordered departure. This is regulated in the agreement that prime minister Theresa May over the past year and a half with Europe has been negotiated, but still by a majority of Uk members of parliament is rejected. The third week of January, the parliament agreed to vote.


The ministers approved on Tuesday a budget of two billion pounds that the government services can be used in a disorganised departure. The about 80.000 companies that are most affected are likely to be, received in the course of the next few days an e-mail with advice on the preparations they should take.

The past few months, the British government already dozens of bills with potential impact: an increase of telephone and bank charges about a shortage of medicines to chaos in the transport sector. The British central bank warned, in its turn, to a collapse of the pound and a rapid increase in unemployment.

Also on the other side of the Channel, the preparations for a British departure without the agreement pursued further. The European Commission is on Wednesday at its weekly meeting about the latest situation.

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