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The Special One is not more special

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Analysis With his dismissal at Manchester United also threatens an end to the era of Jose Mourinho.

The Special One is not more special

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Season three proved the season to be too much for José Mourinho.Jon Super/ap

Analysis With his dismissal at Manchester United also threatens an end to the era of Jose Mourinho.

The Special One is not more special

ManU wants Zidane or Pochettino

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Mourinho at United

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Guillaume Maebe

BrusselHij came to England ever if a ^ brown. If The Special One that the Premier League has met with her old voetbalidealen and immediately two titles picked up. José Mourinho (55) made sure that the countervoetbal suddenly sexy was. Fourteen years after his debut at Chelsea, he seems now, however, behind the facts and so can this resignation the end of an era.

Season three proved the season to be too much for Mourinho. After two passages at Chelsea and his time at Real Madrid was the Portuguese at Manchester United, the engine of his team not to talk in his third season as coach of the club. It is the red wire in the career of the trainer. Mourinho manages his teams always in order to in the short term to achieve success, but to langetermijnsvisie missing him. And in a moment that this clear for everyone, it will start the Portuguese with firmly around the store. Manchester United was no exception. Outside of the fact that the success in the short term talk just this time did not come.

If the ball has
is afraid

It is a signal that He’s becoming less and less can claim the title of best coach of the world. His career, however, a great place to start: Porto – his first real season – he picked up in 2003, the Uefacup and a year later the Champions League. The Chelsea of newcomer and multimiljardair Novel Abramovitsj took him in and after a few aanpassingswedstrijden overklaste he is around the league. With his famous 4-3-3 system, he explained all the weaknesses of the English Kick-and-rushvoetbal expose, in a Premier League with only five foreign coaches still one of the most used tactics. Mourinho did not because of its expensive players to be able to smoothly ball to go around, no. He did it on the counter. A tight defensive organization-drop and quickly switching when it could. Diego Torres, author of the biography The Special One: The Dark Side of José Mourinho, reaching in his work seven rules of thumb down the trainer for matches to its players.. ‘If the ball has more chance of a mistake to make’, there was one of them. “Who the ball, bang’, was another. Accompanied with a per-player personal way of approach – from the Portuguese voetbalprofessor Manuel Sergio taught Mourinho that psychology is as important as the tactics appeared to this tactic is unbeatable.

25 prices is Mourinho the most successful active trainer in the world, but the fact is that he has seven of his eight league titles won in 2012

Though it was not attractive. That felt Abramovitsj, which enabled him, after a little more than three seasons left to go. The Italian Inter took him inside. With his well-known recipe polite Mourinho in 2009-2010 the most successful season in the history of the club: he won the Italian title, cup and Supercup. The Champions League was the icing on the cake. For the club, not for Mourinho. That was time the gloire in the semi-finals when he ultradefensieve way with a 1-0 lost on a visit to the FC Barcelona of Pep Guardiola. Thanks to the 3-1 victory in the ” home proved to be enough to to push. The Portuguese saw in Guardiola his arch rival when Barcelona in 2008, the inexperienced he doesn’t do it above him as the new coach chose. That Guardiola is a totally different football than he did He’s especially proud when he is with his own counterideaal that particular semi-finals could survive.

“Maybe the future of football or a beautiful lawn without goals, where the team with the most possession of the ball the match to win’, he once said with a smile when someone said that his football but few could inspire. It was the highlight of the Park-the-bus-age.

But afterwards was the fall: slowly, but steadily. Mourinho went to Real Madrid, picked a title, but made of Real never a better team than Barcelona. In his third season there was a dismissal. Chelsea threw a reddingboei and although Mourinho also when a title is picked up, found his formula becoming less effective. With 25 awards he is the most successful active trainer in the world, the fact is that he has seven of his eight league titles won in 2012. A new resignation followed and in 2016, he started his challenge at Manchester United. His ideals remained the same – ” if you don’t countervoetbal plays, then you are stupid’ – but Mourinho received in the course of the years, more and more competition. With again Pep Guardiola (Manchester City), Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool), Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham) and this season Maurizio Sarri (Chelsea) he got coaches across is that the conversion to a more modern and aanvallendere key had given. The kick-and-rushploegen of yore were suddenly the team has become with a low-rise block on the counter loerden. Also against United. Never before had a team of Mourinho, as much possession as Manchester United in 2018. ^ Brown He was suddenly not only his trademark lost, he had his team learn how to play football at the ideal where he always had kept. That did not work. But his guilt was never, that had the psychology to him, also learned.

Watch out for Wenger scenario

José Mourinho needs to reinvent itself,
he doesn’t want to the same way to rise as Arsène Wenger

So the question is whether the success will follow. Mourinho needs to reinvent itself, he doesn’t want to the same way to rise as Arsène Wenger – even a rival – that the last decade of his career at Arsenal could not adjust, and rarely have a meaningful role it could play. With a ontslagpremie of several millions – depending on the source varies between 13 and 26 million euros, the Portuguese, the coming months will still be some breathing room to not have on the first the best job to jump. In his zwalpende ex-club Real Madrid, there may soon be a seat available, at Inter, he is still the hero.

In the worst case, can his agent Jorge Mendes have him bring in one of the clubs – Wolverhampton or Valencia – where he then swings. Also an option: a few well-paid appearances as an analyst, assume to after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020 the torch to take over from Portuguese coach Fernando Santos. A team charging for a tournament, every match into a battle, win the top romance, its rich history and honour: it seems He’s written on your body.

ManU wants Zidane or Pochettino

Michael Carrick is, for now, the new sporting boss of Manchester United. For the time being, because the club is going to be as soon as possible a caretaker boss to propose that the season should kick off. For that position were in English media, ex-players Laurent Blanc and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tipped. More interesting is, of course, who afterwards would finally have to take over. Man You are dreaming, according to the local press of two runs: Zinedine Zidane and Mauricio Pochettino.

Zidane after his successful passage at Real Madrid working on a sabbatperiode, but would be next season at Juventus on the go. Pochettino is still stuck at Tottenham and it would be a little forty million euros in costs to get him there to weeks. If the Argentine already wants to leave. ‘After nearly five years at Tottenham, there are already many rumors about my position”, he said yesterday. ‘I can’t answer that.’ With the oprotpremie of José Mourinho who is between 13 and 17 million euros would amount to, would be the recruitment of Pochettino as new coach to be a very expensive affair.

In addition, the two are also under more Antonio Conte and English national coach Gareth Southgate cited as possible successors to Mourinho. (gma)

Mourinho at United

Started with a price

José Mourinho begins in the summer of 2016 on his contract at Manchester United. And he picks up right away in his first official match at the club a price: against defending champion Leicester win Manchester United the Community Shield, the English form of the Supercup.

Another loss against Guardiola

His first Manchester Derby in September 2016 will lose Mourinho. Against Manchester City Pep Guardiola with 2-1. At that time already the eighth defeat in his career against his Spanish rival. Also his first return to Stamford Bridge will be a painful passage. Chelsea wins 4-0.

Profits in Europa League

“It’s not really a competition where I or the players of Manchester United want to be”, says José Mourinho in the early finished his debut season on the Europa League. He finds that his predecessor Louis van Gaal had failed with a fifth place in the league. Only do the Portuguese themselves worse in his first season with a sixth place and he has calculated the Europa League-a win in the final against Ajax, his season is still a bit of shine. Oh yes, earlier he also won the League Cup.

Best of the rest

The season 2017-2018 is still pretty good. Manchester United finishes second, with nineteen points behind champion Manchester City. Really race for the title is never in. The attack on the City, in turn, calls José Mourinho a whole summer long to gain, but he will not. Already in August, he seems to himself to send in a resignation.

19 points after 17 matches

Yesterday was José Mourinho eventually dismissed. Manchester United lost this season, all of seven times and counts after seventeen matches for nineteen points behind leader Liverpool.

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