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Spijtoptant Veljkovic is told

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Spijtoptant Dejan Veljkovic, a key player in Operation Clean Hands, has after 12 days and 96 hours of questioning, the detectives said all what he knows.

Since the Serbian real estate agent Dejan Veljkovic (48), via his lawyers, Kris Luyckx and Bart Verbelen made a deal with the federal public prosecutor’s office, a month ago, is “the first spijtoptant of our country” is almost always answered. That happened in all discretion in the premises of the federal police in Hasselt.

Veljkovic has to the officers of each professional contact from the canvases done. And more important: he also has full access in his white and especially black accounting. The outcome of such examinations, is confirmed to us, is bad for ‘a whole bunch of’ fellow real estate agents, players and coaches.

Dozens of people will in the coming weeks may need to be answered about their black accounting. Veljkovic explained, inter alia, the dubious merry-go-round expose of zwartgeldconstructies and companies.

Perhaps there will be confrontations between Veljkovic and other defendants. For all that the broker has declared, purely as a ‘steunbewijs’ and should be verified. “He should himself “relieved” after his confession, many friends he has in recent weeks made’, it sounds.

The lawyer of referee Bart Vertenten, Hans Rieder, proposed yesterday in Humothat the hatch over the matchfixing ‘not more than a page in the Fabeltjeskrant’. According to sources close to the investigation is that very optimistic. ‘Even though it makes the matchfixing only a very small part of the criminal record’, it sounds. Veljkovic confesses that he was at KV Mechelen and Waasland-Beveren was going to talk about the control of the degradatiestrijd. And that there is about concrete amounts is discussed.

The question is whether the court burden of proof to collect against others. So would the confession of Veljkovic is positive purpose for referee Bart Vertenten. This has, until now, every form of matchfixing denied.

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