Serena Williams may be tight catsuit again

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Williams wore the suit to the flow of her blood to stimulate after her pregnancy

Good news for Serena Williams and her female tenniscollega. The American tennismoeder may next year again in her catsuit on the runway appear. That has the Women’s Tennis Association determines. Also get players who gave birth to a child three years a special ranking in the world rankings, two things that Serena had when she was gave birth to her daughter Olympia in september 2017.

Williams, who owns a successful fashion line, wore the catsuit during Roland Garros, but it did this not from a casual point of view. The suit promoted the flow of her blood, what was needed after a number of severe complications after the birth had been. It gave her a lot of criticism, and furthermore, a rebuke of the French officials. Now, the rules adjusted and may the ladies leggings or compression shorts to wear without a skirt or dress over it is worn’.

Serena responded at the time, quiet and respectful to the decision of the officials, but got a lot of online acclaim from both women and men that it is ridiculous that female players per se a skirt.

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