Selena Gomez spotted in the snow

e99496dd8469f80cd454fa79b2aaf754 - Selena Gomez spotted in the snow

It is going well with Selena

Selena Gomez looks back at all the old. The singer was due to a number of friends tagged in photos that are made in the California ski resort of Big Bear. Selena is radiant and smiling on the pictures, to the delight of her fans.

These are the first photos of her appear since she publicly said goodbye to Instagram and himself went to work. “OMG! The Queen is back!”, “This is the best news that I heard today have” and “I’m so happy that I’m going to cry of happiness”, the reaction to Selena’s fans.

The beginning of november and left Gomez rehab, where she voluntarily checked in to work on her mental problems that occurred after her kidney transplant. According to a source ‘it will be much better with Selena’. The singer would return full of fresh courage against them. “The period in the clinic has Selena very well done. She will take her therapists and psychiatrists will continue to see to ensure that she stays healthy. Both physically and mentally.”

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