Robbie Williams wins lawsuit against Jimmy Page

ff406e2549bec1ccdf07b6fcc4b4bf46 - Robbie Williams wins lawsuit against Jimmy Page

Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page, the guitarist of Led Zeppelin, are not good friends. The two are neighbors of each other, but fight for the past five years, a lawsuit. There is now a judgment, one in favor of Williams.

The British singer wants to be long been an underground swimming pool built in his historic building in the west of London. Page wanted those plans to a halt to call because he is afraid that the construction of the swimming pool of his mansion would affect. Both musicians live in a recognized monument, according to documents from the city of London.

The local municipal commission stipulated that the work on the swimming pool yet to begin. Williams, however, must be able to guarantee that the vibrations and movements, that the works will cause, within a certain threshold.

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