Plastic-directive is it

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The European authorities have after a night of negotiation, an agreement was reached on the plastics directive. On Thursday, signs the European ministers of the Environment the directive.

There are some changes happened to the original proposal. So is the obligation to use recycled material to add to potions widened from pet to all kinds of plastic. At the same time, there is a concession: there will be 30 instead of 35 per cent be imposed and the date on which this takes effect is five years and is postponed to 2030.

Is survived: manufacturers of cigarette filters, balloons, specific food and beverage containers must pay for the opruimkosten of the litter. And that from 2021. Member states will be 90 percent of the plasticflessen separated must collect at 2029.

A number of plastic disposable products is prohibited: drinking straws, cotton swabs, stirrers, cutlery and plates, and beverage and food containers made of polystyrene foam.

For some food packaging with plastic, such as disposable cups or fast-foodverpakkingen, member states are required to make the effort to get the consumption to reduce.

The European ministers of Environment will be the directive on Thursday to sign.

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