Olivia Munn spotted with gamer Tucker Roberts

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Munn and Roberts walked hand-in-hand in Los Angeles

Olivia Munn has rumors do flare up by hand in hand with the professional gamer Tucker Roberts. The Predator star has been largely single since the separation of the American football star Aaron Rodgers in april 2017, but last week said Olivia that she is back to dating after they took the time to negative, toxic people from her life to fend off.

They said nothing about a new relationship, but she is now seen with Roberts, who is the chair of the esports team Philadelphia Fusion. They were together shopping in Los Angeles. An eyewitness says in the American show Entertainment Tonight that they’re each other’s hands, held, to cuddle and an arm around each other did.

Earlier this month, told Olivia that she tries to make time for her personal life. “I think you always ways find – life is not one or the other, and so, of course, you make time for your friends and family, and everything in the personal realm,” she said.

In October, she talked also about how important it was to get negative people out of her life to ward off. “It is a lesson that you are always learning, but I think I have this year really have applied. The past year and a half, there was simply no more room for negative, toxic people in my life,” she explained.

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