Niels Destadsbader occurs during the MIA’s

908f146c51aa5c5b87821900dcc3ff44 - Niels Destadsbader occurs during the MIA's

Niels Destadsbader will soon occur during the live show of the MIA’s in the Brussels music hall Palace 12. That has the singer confirmed during The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow on MNM. Also, Angèle, The Scabs and BLØF & Geike Arnaert have committed to an action, confirms the VRT.

Angèle and Niels Destandsbader according to VRT the most likely to be the big winner of the evening. They each have seven nominations in the bag for the Music Industry Awards (MIA’s) this year. Tamino has five nominations to his name and Tourist LeMC four.

The MIA’s will be on Thursday, February 7, issued from the Palais 12 in Brussels. This show is broadcast live on One.

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