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Mercedes F1 team used psychologists to improve performance

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The corporate philosophy of Mercedes-Benz is “Das Best oder nichts”, and that is in the F1 is not different. In Brackley are even specialised psychologists used to the staff sharp.

Since the hybrid era started in 2014 dominates Mercedes Formula 1 year after year to show the “Silberpfeile” that they are the best. It seems sometimes that everything happens by itself, but that is not the case at all according to team boss Toto Wolff because it is anything but easy to be at such a high level to continue to perform.

“I do not believe that complacency ever been a problem in our team,” said Wolff. “The group is very motivated and we set our goals at the same level because we are it and are passionate about.”

“The difficulty is rather to that high level to hold. That can be unhealthy, and there we put a lot of work in to ensure that our people can continue to perform at that level.”

“As a company, we always keep our working environment in the eye.”

“We look at diet, sleep, medical care, sports. We also look for free days, we send people home if we see that the mentally not quite right.”

“We also look for psychologists in the best interest of the team. I would another hour be able to go about everything we do here.”

Although Mercedes the sport for a few years, dominates, there are still things that are better, according to Toto Wolff.

“We really try not to do it as a group of pre-schoolers who play football and where everyone behind the ball. We try to have the ball to do the job.”

“We all try in their own expertise to do better than his counterpart at Ferrari, McLaren, Williams or wherever. This is what I have for myself the measure of place, my own expectations.”

“It is clear that you look at what next year will happen. How can I do better and where I want to do better. That is so in everything I do, both in my personal life and professionally,” concludes Wolff.

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