Lil Pump gets anger of Chinese rappers on the neck

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The American rapper Lil Pump – Gazzy Garcia for the friends – with his latest clip for controversy made in China. So called the Chinese rapperscollectief Chengdu Revolution, his last new were written “extremely racist”.

“They call me Yao Ming, cause my eye real low (Ching Chong)”, raps the 18-year-old in “Butterfly Doors”. As if the words are not clear enough, he pulls on his eyelids to pretend he is of Asian descent. “Butterfly Doors” was last Sunday on Instagram, and set is already more than 1.12 million views.

Like a real group of rappers it is fitting, let the Chinese rapperscollectief this controversial issue not just pass through. They therefore have their latest song “F… Lil Pump”, the American rapper dedicated. The song was recently launched on the Chinese blog site Weibo posted.

“You Americans and white supremacists are the same / Respect yourself / You know nothing more of the past / For you are a country of immigrants”, it sounds in the number of Chengdu Revolution.

To the Chinese newspaper Global Times has the frontman of the rapperscollectief stated that the lyrics of Lil Pump him as the Chinese very angry. “I’m ashamed in his place. Lil Pump is one of the most popular rappers of America, but with this number humiliates he rapscène”, he concludes.

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