Kinepolis takes on a biggest cinema of Spain

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Kinepolis takes over in Spain and two cinemas from the group El to Point to 25.8 million euro. It is going to be Full in Barcelona and El punt Ribera in Valencia. Reports that the Belgian bioscoopgroep today. The Spanish competition authority must still give its approval.

Full has 28 rooms (2.689 seats), all of which are equipped with 4K projectors and annually receives more than 1.3 million visitors over the floor. The cinema is the second largest of Spain; the largest in the country, in Madrid, and the third largest, in Valencia, are already in the hands of Kinepolis. Full is rented in a commercial centre in Cornellá de Llobregat, 12 kilometres south of Barcelona.

El Point Ribera is located in a commercial area in Alzira, at 44 km south of Valencia. The cinema, of which the real estate is owned, consists of 10 rooms (2.528 seats), and receive per year 300,000 visitors.

Kinepolis is the past few years, international has grown significantly. The group has now worldwide 97 cinemas spread over Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Poland. That are good for 852 screens and more than 185.000 seats. Work there 3.750 people for the company.

In Spain Kinepolis all six cinemas, good for 99 screens and over 28,000 seats.

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