Jan Van Looveren on the road with Tina Maerevoet

dcebfe7990307abf6b88110bcfc5f815 - Jan Van Looveren on the road with Tina Maerevoet

After Nora Gharib is the Thursday night episode 2 of On the Road With Jan’s turn to Tina Maerevoet. Jan pulled together with the actress vuit Home to the distant Sri Lanka.

Jan takes Tina to Sri Lanka, a country that her attracts because of the beautiful nature and the Buddhist philosophy of life and serenity – something that she is looking for in her head and her life. The father of Tina passed away in 2015, and since his death, Tina is very turned in on themselves, they fear to experience new search. She wants to re-opener in life and things dare. Therefore, she goes on the road with Jan: to be out of her dorm to come, to dare to travel and ride on onbereden paths, but also to Jan to confidence.

On the Road With Jan, Thursday night at One.

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