Half a million Yemenis on the flight in addition hunger also frigid winter defy

8718278b274d3c27608e155f66f2a23e - Half a million Yemenis on the flight in addition hunger also frigid winter defy

The Yemeni families in their place of residence had to flee, and already struggling with famine, lack of decent shelter and enough fuel, prepare now for a hard winter. As many as possible citizens to come to the aid, calls on Oxfam-Solidarity, the warring parties on the cease-fire to respect the fact that last week was agreed.

In the mountainous areas of Yemen, the temperature drops in the winter is regularly below zero, says Oxfam Wednesday in a statement. Moreover, it can be torrential rain flooding lead.

In these areas house a lot of the 530.000 refugees in makeshift shelters with no protection from the storm. More than 20,000 people must overwinter in an area where famine prevails. “The cold temperatures are risking a great trial for families who have already been using famine to contend with,” says Muhsin Siddiquey, director of Oxfam in Yemen, in the press release.

The warring parties reached in Sweden an agreement on a cease-fire that Tuesday in the port city of Hodeida would take effect. But according to the non-governmental organisation went to the bombing and air raids in recent days. “One must keep up the pressure on the warring parties to use their weapons to lay down and a peaceful solution”, says Siddiquey.

Catherine De Bock, humanitarian policy adviser at Oxfam-Solidarity, recalls that Belgium is from 1 January in the Security council of the United Nations resides. ‘We count on a proactive attitude of Belgium to within this council a political solution to the situation in Yemen to pursue.’

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