French government sets the calendar to overtime of ‘exhausted’ ordepolitie to pay

65964f4080217907714dd8f99278bce7 - French government sets the calendar to overtime of ‘exhausted’ ordepolitie to pay

The French ministry of the Interior announced Wednesday that a calendar for the payout of € 274 million on overtime from the police. The hope is to, as the dissatisfaction with the police to take away, that still misnoegder is about the many work by the protests of the yellow shirts.

State secretary of Home Affairs, Laurent Nuñez stated that the payments will be made according to a calendar, which is still to consultation with the trade unions is carried out. The talks were Tuesday night postponed, but Wednesday continues, with the Alliance, Unité-SGP-FO and Unsa-Police.

In the meantime, Unité-SGP-FO is connected with the action ‘Close the police stations’ of the Alliance. That last trade union called ‘all police officers in France not to be called out, unless for an emergency call’. Wednesday means the border police is also a solidarity action with the law enforcement officers at the airport of Roissy, near Paris, france. They keep extensive checks, long queues caused.

To the disgruntled policemen to pacify, has the government a bonus of 300 euros will be introduced to police officers mobilised against the yellow vests. The measure will apply to 33 million euros in costs.

According to Nuñez are since Saturday in France 170 places freed up that were blocked by the yellow bibs. “Yesterday (Tuesday, ed.) there were 4,000 people present at the blockades, (…) a week ago, there were still 10,000 people, so the movement takes off, ” says Nuñez.

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