Foreign media about val Michel: ‘N-VA keeps prefer not to Belgium in progress’

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The fall of the government-Michel is also abroad do not go unnoticed. Newspapers, especially a ‘long period of uncertainty’ looming.

“The political crisis in Belgium, which for weeks, raging, Tuesday night to a final eruption come’, writes the Dutch newspaper NRC. And the chaos can still be greater, the conclusion is there. ‘Follow within forty days of a general election, where the N-VA is the last day to drive it, that’s political chaos. The deelstatenverkiezingen, for which the campaign is already running, it would be in the month of may. The chance that in those circumstances a (federal) regeringscompromis is found, is small.’

Dagblad Trouw writes that Michel still cases, and after an endless struikelpartij’. ‘The last in the desperation of Michel to his cabinet to save, a series of pointers to the left-wing opposition, made no impression on the socialists.’

The Telegraph has an eye for the role of king Filip. ‘Wait king Filip exciting times, ” writes the ochtendblad. ‘His kingdom will also be judged on the way he operates in the field of Belgian politics.’

The newspaper reminds its readers further to one of the nicknames of Michel: the mirakelpremier. “Michel gave, until recently, led a government with the Flemish nationalist N-VA, who actually prefer to be alone with Flanders deals not with Belgium. Unless there are more powers for Flanders.’

Large uncertainty

After the resignation of Michel prevails in Belgium, especially in the ‘large uncertainty’, is the headline in the French Le Monde. According to them we are heading as well as is certainly on a government of current affairs, to the belgian federal and regional elections of may. ‘The history of the Belgian kingdom is full of such periods of ‘current affairs’, the longest of its kind took between 2010 and 2011 even 541 days.”

The Guardian has it on a dramatic day in the Belgian parliament’, which the socialist party refused to join the ‘coalition of the welwillenden’ that Michel was looking for. The British newspaper hits the shelf, however, wrong to argue that the Belgians are now already prepared for quick elections in January.

Similarities with abroad

In spain, focuses El Pais especially on the role of the N-VA. Not surprising, as the Flemish nationalists in their opinion about the independence of Catalonia will never be under chairs or sofas have put. “The fall of the government may also the latent territorial crisis in the country revive. The discussions about that were in the fridge landed after the Flemish separatists in 2014 were admitted to the government-Michel.”

Further from home to see The New York Times similarities with other European countries, especially with France. “Just as Michel is trying the French president Macron a centrumregering on the leg to keep it, which has to do with both the left and the right-wing opposition.’

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