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Facebook is planning a crypto application

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The founder of Morgan Creek Digital and Creator of the popular “Off The Chain” crypto-Podcasts, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, has declared that Facebook will one day build the “most widely used product in the crypto world”. Facebook has recently advertised vacancies for software developer, specializing in the Blockchain technology. Although the intention of Facebook is at this time unknown, have started the speculation already.

Mike Dudas, the founder of “The Block” – a global community of crypto and Blockchain-Fans – tweeted the news about the setting of the Blockchain developers at Facebook and write that the body without a specific purpose has no value other than Prestige. Pompliano responded to this Tweet and said that he will develop the Facebook is betting the “most used product of the crypto world”.

Facebook was in the Public regarding the Blockchain so far been cautious, but Facebook’s career page reveals big ambitions. The “ultimate goal is to help billions of people with things to which you have now no access”, and with the help of the Blockchain technology. And now Marketing talents to the market.

A small riot

Crypto enthusiasts around the world have participated in the Thread and their views on the controversial topic divided, after Pompliano has responded to Dudas‘ Tweet. Pompliano admitted that he knows “when” and “what”, Facebook will develop, and that the decision is of course, Facebook. He supports his statement with the words:

You have more than 1 billion users, and more products than any other company, I think. You have exceeded in the past, every. If someone can do this, then Facebook.

Dudas, however, was not convinced. He says Pompliano is in this matter is simply wrong, and stresses that this will be his so far worst before.

Pompliano then explained the reason for the success of Facebook and stressed that the company has an exceptional Team of individuals that Excel in the development, implementation and scaling of their products:

Betting against David Marcus, Kevin Weil, Morgan Beller, Zuck, Chris Cox and the growth team of Facebook are crazy. I’m in for any time on this Crew when it comes to the development, implementation, and scaling of products. Ask the competitors, as it the last Time.

Enthusiasts took part in the debate and speculated about the nature of the entry of Facebook into the emerging crypto world. The ideas of a Facebook identity system, personal data, a Stable Coin from Facebook included, etc. but no-one knows exactly what Facebook is planning with the new developers for your Blockchain development team.

Facebook Crypto-Currency Project

Facebook began as early as mid-2016, with the exploration of the Blockchain. According to reports, Facebook had then instructed an individual employee of the company’s development with the exploration of the Blockchain technology. It was rumored that Facebook was already working in April on a project to crypto-currency on the Stellar network. Facebook has however denied the rumors and has remained in relation to the operation of your Blockchain Department is very closed. A report of a non-listed Facebook-Blockchain-Insiders stating that the company is pursuing a long-term strategy, similar to most likely the investment in CI:

Rather than focusing on a specific industry, such as payment transactions, the Blockchain idea of Facebook is a Basis on which the company will be able to take advantage of a number of potential possibilities.

That the mysterious Team is working on something in the Background, it is clear that although there is no official confirmation from Facebook. David Marcus, the head of the Blockchain Department of Facebook and former President of PayPal, has recently resigned due to a conflict of interest of his activities in two companies from his Post on the Board of Coinbase. He explained to TechCrunch that he will leave Coinbase,

because of the new Department, I have reasons for Facebook to Blockchain. It was a great privilege to be Brian [Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase], has become a friend, and the entire Coinbase leadership team and the Board to know. I was very impressed with the Talent and the performance that has shown the Team during my tenure, and I wish the Team much success in further work.

CNBC had reported earlier that Facebook

Robinhood observed – an Investment App, which is aimed at young audiences, and recently a crypto-trading platform has launched. The Wall Street Journal reported in March that the rising popularity of Robinhood among the Millennials-risk investors, were willing to rate the company with 5.6 billion dollars.

The enormous size gives Facebook a huge advantage. Angel list founder Naval Ravikant postulated that Facebook could take an extreme Version of the popular “Airdrop” model as a way to acceptance. This latest development is increasingly strengthened speculation that Facebook is working on a kind of crypto-currency project.

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