Elon Musk reveals hogesnelheidstunnel for cars

117277fdda0a78e407b2956db78914a7 - Elon Musk reveals hogesnelheidstunnel for cars

The American Tesla ceo Elon Musk has Tuesday the first part of an underground high-speed network is proposed, with which he hopes to do to the ‘soul movement’ of Los Angeles. The testtunnel, the so-called ‘Loop’, was dug by Musks subsidiary Drilling Company.

The tunnel runs between a parking lot close to the SpaceX headquarters in the south-west of Los Angeles, to a closed industrial park about three miles away.

In the tunnel will drive cars that are equipped with special retractable geleidingswielen, which are lowered into the tunnels through the use of custom-made lifts. Once in the tunnel would be the vehicles, according to Musk can safely drive at a speed of more than 240 kilometres per hour, with an interval of a second. ‘At that speed it feels like you are inside a city teleports, ” wrote Musk for the launch on Twitter.

Two years ago tweette he added that the traffic in Los Angeles ‘him crazy made. “I’m a drill for tunnels build and just start digging,” he wrote on

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