Cuba deletes possibility holebihuwelijk in new constitution

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The Cuban parliament has on Tuesday decided to passages in the constitution that the holebihuwelijk would enable, delete it. The parliament decided that ” out of respect for all opinions’.

Cuba is a new constitution-drafting, but that makes for controversy. In a draft is marriage defined as a covenant between two people (…) with absolutely equal rights and obligations’. In the old constitution, there was still talk of ‘husband and wife’. Various Evangelical churches started already a campaign against the new definition.

A parliamentary committee has now decided to huwelijksconcept from the constitution, ‘out of respect for all opinions’. From referendums, it appeared that many Cubans offense names to the formulation. The family act will later determine what marriage means, what it sounds like.

However, plea president Miguel Diaz-Canel rather to all forms of discrimination in Cuba to abolish.

The new constitution replaces that of 1976. The new constitution recognises the right to private property and the importance of foreign investment. There is also no longer a question of a communist society in Cuba. In February next year, a referendum will be held.

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