Clint Eastwood is on his 88th became a father again

d814474e4fd5ee385892461884948a37 - Clint Eastwood is on his 88th became a father again

Even in Hollywood surpasses the reality sometimes fiction. So also the story of the 65-year-old Laurie Murray, who has more than thirty years, frantic efforts made to get her biological father to find out. In the end the sniper is none other than world star Clint Eastwood.

It was a special sensation at the premiere of Eastwoods new film “The Mule”, in which the “Dirty Harry”star, a very old drugskoerier drop it. Especially for the occasion, he had all of his eight children included. That led many attendees as the eyebrows frown. Because had Eastwood not seven children? Turned out there the past few months, behind the scenes, a small miracle took place.

Laurie Murray had the courage to hurry specified. She grew up in a foster home, after she as a baby up for adoption was granted. The only information that they later had, was that her biological mother was an unknown woman from Seattle was at very young age, was pregnant hit of an equally unknown man.

It was only when Laurie herself is a mature woman, she began her search for her real parents. It seemed like the proverbial needle in a haystack, but with the help of several private investigators, and years of uitspitten of official documents, came after thirty years still the right answer: she is simply the daughter of a superstar! The past few months, use Laurie and Clint to get to know each other better.

When they were in 1953 was born, was he at the time was still married to model Maggie Johnson, but also had Eastwood different extramarital relationships. In one of those affaires he had a daughter, without them ever being informed. Meanwhile, a 65-year-old is completely included in the special family Eastwood.

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