Chris Van Tongelen has a new girlfriend

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Chris Van Tongelen has after the separation with Brigitte Derks a new found love. The lady in question is called Annelies, and comes from Ypres. For the lead singer of Romeo’s is a very short drive from his home in Putte. Fortunately he does with the Romeo’s in West-Flanders. After a gig happens that the singer in Ypres continues to stay. Annelies visited for the ambience regularly schlagerfestivals. She was not a fan of the Romeo’s, but a few years ago she was for the nose of o.a. Chris Van Tongelen for the stage at the Romeo’s. The contact grew from superficial, to Facebookgesprekken, to even a dinner party as friends. There was the end of it, until last summer the thread again and have picked up. After a few times step went, it turned out that there actually already was more than friendship.

It is the couple clear for the wind, because Annelies is like to be seen by Chris’ family. Travel is a shared passion and when Chris Van Tongelen in January, a ten-day free, is there a first big trip planned.

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