American government doesn’t allow “bump stock” that weapons faster shooting

29d55aef0b4ff3e2b4afa8829bb96c59 - American government doesn't allow "bump stock" that weapons faster shooting

The Us government has Tuesday a ban issued on so-called ‘bump stock’. That are attachments that allow a semi-automatic weapon can legally be converted to an automatic weapon and is much faster the bullets, firing. Such an accessory was also used in the shooting in Las Vegas, where 58 people were murdered.

The owners of such a ‘bump stock’ must, within the ninety days, or no later than 21 march, return or destroy, declared the spokeswoman of the White House, Sarah Sanders.

It is exceptional that the Trump administration, a measure approves of the wapengebruik in the US limits. But due to the many mass killings with firearms in the USA, these accessories are very controversial.

An estimated half a million Americans owned a ‘bump stock’. The gun lobby responded Tuesday disappointed at the decision. The ‘Gun Owners of America announced the ban legal to want to challenge it.

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