A lose viewers by savings

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The time that the VRT endless budgets had been, is over. Programmabaas Olivier Goris says in The Latest News that One is already a little low on cash. The still most-watched station in Flanders remained in the past year more or less stable with a market share of 33.5%, but owes that rating to an excellent summer of sport. In the spring and autumn, there were dips. So lost One quite a few viewers in the time period after ‘at Home’ and was also ‘Van Gils & Guests’ under pressure. “We are going to still topcontent. But we can’t do that anymore 365 days per year. On days that we are no longer in full can go, we do not half-half in, but we’re for repetitions, or we buy something. If you have the full schedule surveys, feel that we occasionally throttle. Look at the block by half past nine in the evening, where we, among more reps have put. That will cost us viewers, yes. The

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