Youp van ’t Hek: year-old conference is passé

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Youp van ‘t Hek

“The time of May, that of solidarity at the same time look with z’n all, is over. In that sense, the year-old conference the longest time,” says Van ’t Hek, which last year was still the year-old conference was responsible for the NPO, but there is not much appreciation for got. “I know of few people who have the linear look.” The comedian is considering in 2020 tenth and final year-old conference. “At first, but let’s see whether I still live, or BNNVARA there and whether the world still exists”, he adds, there.

Moreover, sharing many of his colleagues, the opinion of Van ’t Hek not. “The oudejaarsavondconference is all the way back”, Claudia de Breij, that the performance in 2016 cared-for. “That’s largely to the credit of Herman Finkers, and I have the torch repacked. Herman has the evening shine again given, and Marc-Marie takes us – what I have heard – again something new. Someone needs to explain how everything is structured, and the balance sheet. Therefore, live also so good. I am a bad actor and find the live feel, it is now really, really cool.”

Also, Dolf Jansen, who this year for the 28th time a oudejaarsshow, does not think the phenomenon will ever disappear. “I don’t like all traditions, but of these,” he says. “There is always a need for someone who in the past year knows to grab. In the last three weeks were the yellow shirts suddenly part of the show. In the discontent that underneath it, I feel I already have a theme for my year 2019 is approaching.”

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