Worldwide more and more violence against journalists

135b948c0942f2d8ca48dee5dff0dca1 - Worldwide more and more violence against journalists

In 2018 so far 80 journalists journalists killed, 348 sit in a cell and 60 are being held hostage. Reports that Reporters without Borders (RSF), the organisation that has made a worldwide commitment to freedom of the press to protect. “The numbers are increasing, and are yet again proof of the unprecedented violence against journalists’, it sounds.

Whether it comes to murders, prison sentences, or kidnappings, the violence against journalists worldwide is rising.

As proof: 80 journalists were killed during the exercise of their profession. That is 8 percent more than a year earlier. According to RSF were 49 of them deliberately targeted and murdered. Two of those murders were news of the world: that of the Saudiër Jamal Khashoggi and the Slovaak Jan Kuciak.

Afghanistan and Syria remain the deadliest countries for journalists, with respectively 15 and 11, kill. More than half of the journalists, however, were killed in countries not at war. Nine of them in Mexico and six in the United States. There were four journalists killed in a shooting on the editor of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, in the state of Maryland.

Also the number of journalists that in the cell, is increasing from 326 in 2017 to 348 this year. Five countries are responsible for more than half of these: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and China.

RSF has also 60 hostages journalists. Last year there were 54. Almost all (59) they are in the Middle-East (Syria, Iraq and Yemen), the sixtieth is taken hostage in Ukraine. Islamic State is responsible for two-thirds of the hostage-taking.

In Mexico, Haiti and Russia there is only one journalist is missing.

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