’Woody Allen had a relationship with 16-year-old’

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Woody Allen

According to Babi Christina Engelhardt gave it in 1976, as a teenager, her song to All, who was 41 years old. Not much later, invited the director to take her out in his penthouse apartment and they spent there the night. In the state of New York, where the relationship began, it was Engelhardt at that time, legally a minor. That changed, incidentally, when she was a few months later, seventeen was.

The woman says for eight years to have gedatet with All that in 1980 something with Mia Farrow got. According to Engelhardt asked the director his new love even to her. She was first hurt about, but she could not say goodbye to All and in the end would be even with the filmmaker and Farrow the bed is shared. A few years later she decided to still with All to break.

The relationship of Farrow and Allen ran in 1992, at the end, when she nude photos and thought that he her daughter had made. Eventually married the director of this Soon-Yi. His adopted daughter with Farrow, Dylan, accusing him of being her sexual to have abused when she was seven years old.

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