Weak start for “The Colleagues 2.0”

8282b4015c7ded6972036928b07b1940 - Weak start for "The Colleagues 2.0"

“The Colleagues 2.0”, the latest film by Jan Verheyen, has its start, completely missed. The first days, since the premiere, attracted the remake of the former popular series, but a small 12.500 visitors to the cinema.

Most viewers (around 20,000) were there through a series of premieres for companies, writes the newspaper “het Nieuwsblad”. In total, therefore, approximately 32.500 people have seen the movie until now. Not where you initially hoped for. “A lot of people went the past weekend shopping for the holidays. That will be next weekend, a few days before Christmas, sure to be no different. But then, during the holiday season, we expect improvement. As there is no direct competition from another Flemish movie”, responds Filmverdeler KFD on the disappointing figures.

The film would be about a hundred thousand visitors need in order to get, writes the newspaper finally.

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