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Weak start for ‘The colleague’s 2.0’

d17359352465bb27c63cc290daae97d4 - Weak start for ‘The colleague’s 2.0’

The colleagues, 2.0, Jan Verheyens filmupdate of the tv series from the 70’s, has a weak start. The first five days went but about 12,500 people to the cinema.

Before the film Wednesday in the halls came, there were also a series of (paying) avant-premieres are held, usually for companies. That were good for more than 20,000 spectators, bringing the total to around 32.500. Disappointing for a broad audience film like. Certainly if you compare it with other smashes such that Verheyen on his list. The second Kampioenenfilm, Jubilee general, attracted in its first five days almost over 149,000 visitors (including premieres), a ‘difficult’ film as The verdict 88.000.

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‘A lot of people went the past weekend shopping for the holidays. That will be next weekend, a few days before Christmas, sure to be no different. But then, during the holiday season, we expect an improvement’, according to the distributor KFD.

Yet it threatens the film’s not out the costs to get. The co-s 2.0 is made without subsidies from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and then a movie soon, a few hundred thousand visitors needed to break even to run.

The film also aims at an unclear audience. Who The colleagues know and love from tv may not have a need for a contemporary revamp. And a younger audience may have no message to. The reviews were not unanimously positive. ‘Where’s the Spanish Inquisition when you need them?’, wrote this newspaper.

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