The spring on Canvas: dance, the impact of Facebook, misdaaddokters and Frank VDB

f68acfc4ca56bfdfee3291fe036ee926 - The spring on Canvas: dance, the impact of Facebook, misdaaddokters and Frank VDB

In the spring of 2019 brings to Canvas a number of fixed values on the screen, and there are brand new ranges, including Hanne dances’, ‘Misdaaddokters’, a three-part report about the impact of Facebook and VDB. I am not god’, a unique look at the life of cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke. “Canvas brings television that no other station brings. If you choose Canvas, you’re never disappointed,” says network manager Olivier Goris.

In addition to the four brand new programs, “Hanne dances’, ‘Facebook and I’, ‘VDB. I am not god’ and ‘Misdaaddokters’ there are still newcomers. The eight-part series of ‘Therapy’ provides “an intimate and yet discreet eye” on the relationship between the therapist and the client. Seven therapists open in ‘Therapy’ the door of their doctor’s office. Jan Leyers is at your own question back with a new series of the debatprogramma ‘night Watch’. The documentary ‘Rwanda – Heal after the hell” brings 25 years after the fact, the story of the Rwandan genocide on the basis of five personal stories.

Later in the spring there is the fiction series ‘Fiskepark’, according to Goris, one of the pot torn story and a parody on the genre of ‘True crime’. And Woestijnvis makes The ‘campus cup’, a studentenquiz with Otto-Jan Ham. There are also new episodes of ‘Belga Sport’, a suit fictiereeksen and new music, nature and historical documentaries.

According to Goris is Canvas is a pioneer in regards to the postponed and digital look, but also keeps the linear look important. “Both ways of looking to stay for a Canvas is very important. A schedule with firm commitments, such as ‘Respect’ and ‘The appointment’ in the eve and later on ‘Extra time’ and ‘The ideal world’, we should continue to offer. That works well,” explains the network manager. “Then, our viewer is more and more himself when he gets to his favorite program looks.”

A number of popular programs, such as ‘Children of the colony, ‘For the men’ and ‘Thank you’, to the half-linear viewers, people who live to the programme. And the other half looks when it suits them, either delayed or digitally through VRT Now. And in the case of foreign fictiereeksen goes even further: by up to 70 percent of the viewers of ‘The handmaid’s tale’ looks delayed to the program. “That’s part of the experience of Canvas. That comfort we want to continue to offer.”

The second channel of the VRT has, according to Goris a strong autumn leader. From september to november of 2018 took a Canvas and an average market share of 8.2 percent in the live viewers older than 7 years and in the time slot 20-26 hours (from 20 hours to 2 hours during the night), compared to 7.5 percent in the same period of 2017.

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