The Is: ’Wonderful to be in such a row of names’

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Matthijs de ligt

“It’s always the midfielders or attackers which such prices are to win. So for me it is very special that I am the first defender ben”, said the Ajax player that was about to shine. “I heard it through Ajax and was frankly quite surprised, because it is a price that is very highly rated. If you go to the previous winners look, you know how happy I am,” said the proud captain of Ajax.

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The Is: ’Some were a success, some do not…’

“I see the most against Lionel Messi,” said The Is from Turin. “Everyone knows what an influence he was on the football has had. But also Paul Pogba, Sergio Agüero, Kylian Mbappé and not to mention Rafael van der Vaart went for me, piece for piece of great football players. It is wonderful to be in such a row of names.”

Has become more expensive

The Is is coveted by the absolute European voetbaltop and around his neck is already hanging a price tag of sixty million or more. “I don’t know exactly how it works, but do not have the idea that I now expensive am”, replied the international request.

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Tadic: ’Matthijs earns award

Dusan Tadic said the visit to find that This Is the Golden Boy award. “He deserves to be among names like Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi, because if he is, his age says, you believe that almost not,” said Tadic on the election. “Matthijs with his great mentality and qualities at each of the top clubs play. He may be one of the best defenders of all time.”

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