The Is: ’Some were a success, some do not…’

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Matthijs de ligt

“A motivatieprijs as a sign that I am on the right road am,” declared The Is located across the NOS. “When you see which players in this price in the past have won, you should be proud.”

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The captain of Ajax also set a gloss upon his election. “Some of the players who won a prize have been a success story, but some have a less story. That you also need to take with you.”

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The successful European campaign of Ajax this season also has helped his selection, is The Is convinced. “This year I am captain of Ajax, and therefore my impact on the team is also greater. That encourage the coach and my teammates also. Furthermore, the people in the foreign countries also that Ajax has qualified for the group stage of the Champions League with a captain 19. That also helps.”

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