The best music for a roadtrip

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During the creation of a roadtrip may be the right music contribute to the overall experience. So it pays to at home what research or work to do.

In short, there are two options: listen to the local radio or create their own playlist. For both plans, it is smart to make good preparations. While traveling with your car you’ll find yourself grateful for. So we went this year on the road with a rental car from Sunny Cars throughout Scotland and the U.s. state of Colorado. The music along the way made the experience all the way.

You can choose a local radio station. It is fun to be on the road and were treated to local hits that the complete holiday. Songs in Spanish, Greek or Italian sound better if you are in the matching countries on a journey. But finding the right radio station can be frustrating.


There are two options for a good transmitter. Or you can do to advance research at home. Google once on the combination of station and your destination. With the help of Google Translate you might what. If the station has a website you might be online all of a piece to listen to, or view playlists.

You can also ask the people on the go. Question, for example, to a waiter, hotel employee or someone at a gas station if they have a tip. Question to the frequency. Or search this for a moment. That saves a lot of searching and fiddling with the buttons of the radio.


The majority of rental cars have also the option to use your smartphone to connect and music, a streaming service to play. Make home a nice long playlist, and download it on your phone, so you have no data to consume, and you’re not dependent on the signal strength of the cellular network.

You can playlist your own set-up. However, make sure that it is long, so you’re not after the first 50 km to the same songs listening. Multiple playlists can also. One with a relaxed music in the morning and some more upbeat music for later in the day. A fine playlist is a good combination of known, unknown, local and international.

The Formula

Throw anyway, quite a number of songs in which you and your companions can appreciate and that you out of full breast can sing along to. So we drove this summer through the Rocky Mountains with The Formula of The Youth of Today hard through the speakers. Go in addition to searching for local hits or well known songs in the language of the country in which you travel.

With a little searching you can find it in Spotify(or any service), but also on Wikipedia lists, for example, ‘Famous Spanish Songs. It is also of each country in a contemporary chart. Throw that there to just. Numbers that are still not so good, remove you just. I go abroad also always looking for playlists with local hip-hop. The beats sound almost always good, but the other language makes it a bit different.

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