’Terrorised by The Mol-mafia’

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The program, over from the US, here’s to the third edition. Gordon was the first main character, followed by Giel Beelen and now The Mole. The event traditionally starts with the invitation: for Gordon, there was a cd with his greatest hits – where nothing was. Visitors of Beelens Roast got a do it yourself breathalyzer. For the roastee this year, a set of nails and a hammer. ’Anyone who thinks Johnny de Mol that he is? The son of God? Ok, that is, of course, he also called. More reason to get him on the cross to be nailed.’

In studio 22 in Hilversum, where the shooting took place, was John Carel (J. C.) the Mol on the podium, with a bunch of friends to get him to filleting. As Tatum Dagelet, one of his exes. She Ragas, which has a half-brother with Down-syndrome. Najib Amhali, who was a guest in waar is de Mol? And, thank god, Peter Pancake, who is at all patriotic Roasts is used.

Our new ’knuffelVlaming’ Jérôme Snelders (known of Dwdd and Talk English with me), presented the evening as a Roast Master. “I’m here because the rest didn’t dare to come. I thought ’why?’ When I read who his father was. Mr. Mole, if you look, I’m Goedele Liekens.”

The roasters of Johnny de Mol: (include v.l.n.r.): Peter Pancake, She Ragas, Najib Amhali, Tatum Dageler. Top: roast master Jérôme Snelders) here the place of the reverend van Zwieten warm), Danny Froger, Heleen van Royen, and Patty Brard.

Great unknown was reverend Ruben van Zwieten, that Johnny and his Anouk in the real covenant. He cut off the turbulent love life of The Mole. Van Zwieten is already looking forward to the next wedding of The Mole, ’because even he is not so gullible’.

Also the resurrected fenix Patty Brard was invited to a hearty word about the young Mole to speak, of who she used to be the diapers spared. “We all know that your father is a billionaire, but why you seem to now have a piggy bank? You will travel only around to not be in the Netherlands and to which ***transmitter of your dad need to watch.”

But really on steam was the master roaster Pancake. The one rake joke after the other came out of his mouth. An anthology: “Your family is a criminal organization. Them out of people emotionally on tv and nobody says it, because they have too much power. There is here in Hilversum omerta. We are not terrorized by the Mocro-maffia, but by The Mol-mafia. (…) While you are refugees, rescues from drowning, flooding other people in the trickery of your father.”

And that makes Johnny with his programs not anymore, according to Pannekoek, who also says that he himself is now played out in the tv world. “My Utopia is a Netherlands without the family The Mole. Yes, in the ground, where moles belong.” Or the jokes tonight’s show will all have been achieved or left behind on the cutting table, is to wait and see.

Danny Froger was by The Mole declared to the surprise of the evening, which was closed by the main character himself. Provided: it requires, of course, courage and sportsmanship to such a stage to sit down. But a very addressed as a Roast it is fitting?

In the context of We only roast the ones we love (the slogan of the show), was the presenter praised to heaven for his commitment to, among other refugees, and people with a disability, for a better world. Rightly incidentally. With a sensational final scene, seized The Mole, the chance to preach for his own parish, and immediately a (christmas)message to the viewers.

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