’Terreurverdachte’ Spain seems to be especially confused

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TARRAGONA – A Dutchman who in the northeast of Spain short time, if terreurverdachte yacht was made, seems to be especially confused. Spanish media reported Tuesday that the man was not arrested as earlier message. He also shows no terreurverdachte to be such as the Catalan police feared.

A picture of the Spanish police distributed the suspect.

The disorderly behavior of the 29-year-old Khalid M., and at the Catalan resort of Salou did in many police forces the alarm bells ringing, but there was no terrorist threat. The Dutchman had on the mirror of his hotel room in Vilaseca incomprehensible characters made and he was later a police station in Salou to scream. According to the newspaper La Vanguardia he called “incoherent things about his mother.”

Nevertheless, there was for some time the fear that a jihadist was on the road. He was Monday a few miles down the road at a petrol station along a motorway, barefoot, in his car, and held.

He is suspected of being unruly and disorderly conduct and failure to follow instructions of the police. The Spanish police also has the help of a psychiatrist called upon. The man is rather in Belgium in contact with the police.

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