“Taboo” (One) wins the Ha! of Humo

fab244b67a48fb62c7c53f4b08a1dfd8 - "Taboo" (One) wins the Ha! of Humo

“Taboo” (One) has Monday night the 38th Ha! Humo won the annual prize of the Humo-editors for the best television program or the most eye-catching tv-figure of the previous year. “Taboo”-director Kat Steppe and the team behind the program received in the Beursschouwburg in Brussels, Ha! and the accompanying cheque of 5,000 euros from the hands of Guy Mortier. It reports the weekly Monday evening.

“Taboo” out of the other nominees as “The day” (Four), “Down the Road” (One) and “winter time” (Canvas). In her motivation to write the jury that the program, which Geubels laughs with people where you actually are not allowed to laugh, “nice, respectful, and also very successful television produced”. “Of course, good ratings on is no reason for a price to get the aim of quality awards. But if you succeed around issues like poverty, psychological vulnerability, and obesity television every week, about 1.8 million people that are fascinating, moving, and laugh, then that’s not min.”
Just like last year’s winner, “Good people” with Jeroen Meus, was “Taboo” directed by Kat Steppe. “In both programs, managed Steppe inside the empathic interviewer in both Meus as Geubels to achieve this,’ says the jury.

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