Russian trolls encouraged in cyber world

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The Russian trolls had in the Us presidential elections, especially the African-Americans in the visor. If they would not vote, would the Democrats a lot of potential voters lose.

“The truth about the election: Hillary for her campaign a donation of $ 20,000 from the KKK received’. This video appeared during the campaign for the American presidential elections …

“The truth about the election: Hillary for her campaign a donation of $ 20,000 from the KKK received’. This video appeared during the campaign for the American presidential elections on the ‘A word of Truth ” channel on Youtube. It was on the Facebook page, and the Instagramaccount of Williams & Kalvin.

From a different account on Instagram looks a stingy Hillary Clinton. In the text it is pointed out to her defensive reaction when the sexual escapades of her husband became known. “The words of a feminist? I would not think so’, is shown below. The message was spread by @feminism_tag, an account that often the messages about feminism and social justice spread.

Both messages came from the cores of the Russian trolls in Saint Petersburg. The IRA, the Internet Research Agency, is a company that through the social media messages of questionable reputation on the internet annually. It is in the hands of Yevgeny Prigozjin, a confidant of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Experts of two cybersecuritybedrijven, New Knowledge , and Oxford University, at the request of a U.s. Senate committee, the Russian (dis)information campaign on the internet studied and they are came to the conclusion that the IRA has tried to the U.s. elections through all channels on social media, to influence. Their reports are on the websites of the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Posts on size

The video, which Clinton linked to the racist Ku Klux Klan members belonged to a campaign to the African-Americans to keep away from the polls. The are traditionally the Democrats the most votes in the black population. From Saint-Petersburg was Clinton slated or was propaganda made for the Green candidate Jill Stein, who votes Clinton would wegsnoepen. There was also doubt sown in the reliability of the elections or of the American society tout court. The research shows that IRA is by far the most arrows on the Afro-American community.

The second important group for the Russian trolls were the conservatives. They were bombarded with patriotic messages and slogans against migrants. There were angry posts that are irritating to the liberal plans that have more rights to others than they did to their own population, and then there were those who demanded for Trump to vote.

The research shows that the Russian influence is very clever. She had previously clearly differentiated target groups – African-Americans, conservatives, lgbt people, veterans, or muslims – that is, just as with a marketing campaign with custom-written messages were bombarded. The campaign had only one goal: Trump in the White House.

Not only Facebook

Facebook is not the only channel in which the IRA are messages. The company has switched to a multiplatformaanpak, which include Youtube, Twitter or Instagram equally well be used. The use of Instagram after the elections has increased exponentially. It is possible that a consequence of the attention that the Us authorities for the Russian presence on Facebook on the day in question.

Often sought for trolling through Facebook to their target audiences. They followed the people a message about e.g. police brutality against African-Americans liketen and encouraged those users to a Instagramaccount to consult a Youtubefilmpje.

From the two studies, we believe that the Russian infiltration on the social media seriously underestimated. At first glance you might say that Donald Trump and his victory is due to the trollende Russians in St. Petersburg. Further research would have to determine how important the influence of social media on the kiesgedrag of the Americans.

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