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“Relationship with Max Verstappen was better than I expected”

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Daniel Ricciardo reveals that he has a better relationship with Verstappen as team-mate had he in advance had thought. He thinks even that they are still friends and will continue to now he from 2019 for Renault to get started.

Almost three years, Ricciardo and Verstappen teammates have been at Red Bull, and although the two sometimes for fireworks, made on the job they had outside of a good relationship.

From 2019 will be Ricciardo for Renault to go to work and remains Verstappen at Red Bull. The Australian thinks even that their relationship is perhaps even better is now they have no direct competitors will be.

“Unless we for the same piece of tarmac at the fight,” joked Ricciardo in a podcast from Red Bull. “That may still for the fireworks.”

“I can say that the relationship with Max was better than I beforehand had thought if I’m honest. Only all of our personalities and self-confidence. He thinks that he is the best of the world and I think to myself.”

“It is clear that that sometimes collides. We have to be at least 99% under control and on track. It was fun, it was a good and hard battle and I enjoyed it.”

The performance of Verstappen and Ricciardo in their time as teammates have also always kept pace. The Dutchman won five races compared to four for Ricciardo but this year knew Verstappen for the first time for the Australian to finish in the final standings of the world championship.

Verstappen let us know that he and Ricciardo will be missed and he also expects them to be friends will continue in the future.

“Daniel is generally a positive person who is always smiling,” said Verstappen. “There is always a good atmosphere when you get to him. That is better than a team-mate who was always surly bijloopt.”

“It is perhaps not really a lesson, but I had also a good atmosphere to try to create as Pierre on the team.”

Ricciardo had to be in 2017, say a little bijsteken as Verstappen has more experience and got faster.

“There is a lot of potential for Max, he can really be a greatness,” said Ricciardo. “It’s all in the way that he travelled. He was fast from the first day, but I believe that he, since his first victory, even faster than it is.”

“I’m sure he’s even better. It will probably take a scenario/situation, or he has the car to him for this. There will be a lot of depend on how big he will be.”

“He is obviously very talented and I have enjoyed our rivalry. I think we’re also both better riders by,” decision, Ricciardo.

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