Quentin Tarantino just too late to burglars in the house to understand

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He was just too late to take his belongings to save.

The filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was startled out Sunday night, a hat when burglars his home in Los Angeles hacked. The director heard the midnight sound in the house and decided exposing. According to did Tarantino manage to the defendants to deter, but he was too late to take his belongings to save. The burglars escaped with jewelry and other expensive items.

He reported the incident to the police, who, on the basis of images of security cameras, hoping the burglars to identify and detect.

The neighborhood where the celebrities live, has been for a while with a inbraakgolf. The police has already several thieves arrested, suspected of a series of break-ins at celebrities in Los Angeles. According to TMZ would be the gang of ten members. Among the victims were Rihanna and a number of athletes.

According to the police, had the thieves still have more celebs on their list. Actress Viola Davis was one of them. The gang would be well over a million dollars of stuff have been removed from the homes of celebrities. It comes to cash, valuables and expensive gadgets.

In total, the gang of thieves 24 homes visited. The break-in at American footballer Robert Woods at the end of september, she was, however, fatal. A neighbour saw the criminals were doing, and called the police. Who could be a perpetrator in his own house arrest. During a search, came stuff out with other celeb break-ins loot were made. Then, three other gang members were arrested, of which one is released. With the arrest of seven other band members are now ten people.

Tarantino is last month in the south stepped up with Daniella Pick. The 55-year-old director and musician (35) met in 2009 when Quentin in Israel was for his film Inglourious Basterds to promote. They went after a while apart, but gave up their relationship in 2016 will get another chance. In July of 2017 was Daniella, who also works as a model, well known that Quentin and they had engaged.

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