Professionals with physical disabilities, to pitch a tv program

2aad42d8bb5fa3db8f5361a1e5646a9c - Professionals with physical disabilities, to pitch a tv program

Marc the Dog

All the editors and the presenter, Marc the Dog, have a disability and want to demonstrate that this is not a hindrance to have to Hilversum to work. The initiative stems from a Twitter discussion that NOS-newsreader Matijn Nijhuis earlier this year started about the lack of people with disabilities in the media. Twitter exploded of the statements of support, what KRO-NCRV inspired to get this project to initiate. The AngstBaas was created in partnership with No Limits Network, an online platform of KRO-NCRV, for people with a disability.

In the program, participants are challenged out of their comfort zone to act. They must have a particular obstacle in their life to try to overcome, such as people with disabilities and that also each day. In the pilot it goes to someone who has a great fear for dogs. The creators hope that the NPO program a place wants to offer.

The makersteam of The AngstBaas includes someone who is blind, someone who suffers from spasm, an editor with a visual and hearing impairment, and a director who sits in a wheelchair. They are going to their program this week to pitch at the NPO.

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