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Newsflash: TRON reaches a milestone, a New Partner for VeChain

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Newsflash: TRON reached 100 million transactions, New Partner for VeChain

Home News Newsflash: TRON reached 100 million transactions, New Partner for VeChain

Marcel Knobloch –

TRON is one of the more complex projects in the crypto market, not least through the aggressive Marketing of its founder, Justin Sun, the world has become known. Even if the price of TRX is currently on a very low level, the platform for distributed applications rapidly. At the time of writing TRON has already processed more than 108 million transactions in its network. This milestone clearly shows that the use of the TRON Blockchain continues to rise.

According to the data of the website DappRadar a majority of the volume of decentralized applications that run in the area of betting, the second largest sector of decentralized crypto-exchanges comes. Even if these advances represent only the beginning of future development, but there was potential in this idea.

TRONbet is 1 of the DApp-list which have the largest volume of transactions continue to have been paid more than 10 million TRX. The new DApp shrimp farm is also of great interest, however, it is to be commended too early to DAPP. The Gaming App Bitizens moved for reasons of scalability from the Ethereum network to TRON, so that all processes can be executed without delays.

VeChain signs MoU with Cloud Provider BIOS

BIOS Middle East is one of the leading providers of Cloud Services in the Middle East and serves customers in the areas of Finance, energy, retail and chemical companies. The company announced in a press release that VeCHain Blockchain-will provide services for BIOS ready. This results in a complete solution for Blockchain-as-a-Service is to be offered for the customers of the BIOS, so that the customers can obtain all services from a single source and not different components from different companies to shopping.

BIOS Middle East is going to integrate its existing Service solution in the VeChain Blockchain. As a result, data can be securely stored and kept in the steadier Blockchain-Ledger encrypted. Thus, only the safety within the process flows does not rise, but also the confidence to the outside increases, because the data can not be manipulated. Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain, (freely translated):

I am convinced that the Team of Dominic can use the Know-how of BIOS Middle East in the areas of Cloud Services and system integration, in order to accelerate the acceptance of and the transactions on the platform of VeChain. Starting from Dubai, one of the Blockchain-friendly countries in the world.

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