New planet discovered

f71445025c9d913d7b9c61bebf9079d2 - New planet discovered

Amsterdam – Astronomers have found a new dwarf planet has been discovered. It is going to be a big, round boulder that just as the earth revolves around the sun.

The official name is 2018 VG18, but in the corridors is the object Farout called: far away. The distance from the sun to the discovered planet is 120 times the distance from the sun to the earth.

It is the farthest object in the solar system that until now has been discovered.

Farout is probably 500 kilometres in diameter. Its color is pink/purple. The scientists suspect that there is ice on is.

The discovery of Farout was on november 10, done by astronomers Scott S. Sheppard, David Tholen, and Chad Trujillo. They found the object with the Subaru telescope in Hawaii.

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