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‘Moordstrookje’ is Word of the Year 2018

1d9d7d8220cff201262a4051d1583564 - ‘Moordstrookje’ is Word of the Year 2018

‘Moordstrookje’ was voted Word of the Year, as made By Dale Tuesday morning is known. It refers to a cycle path right along a road and therefore very dangerous, ” explains the publisher.

There were eighteen words nominated. Flemings were between 28 november and 17 december to cast their vote. That, finally, nearly 10,000 done, of whom slightly more than one in five (21.2 percent) the word ” moordstrookje’ chose.

The top three is completed by ‘mangomoment’ and ‘growth package’.

The Word of the Year-election was the previous years won by koesterkoffer (2017), samsonseks (2016), kraamkost (2015), flitsmarathon (2014), selfie (2013), frietchinees (2012), stoeproken (2011), tentsletje (2010), unfriend (2009), swaffelen (2008) and bokitoproof (2007).

In the Netherlands is ‘blokkeerfries’ the Word of the Year, with more than half of the votes. That saves on ‘each of the persons who, in Friesland, a road block set up to prevent others from demonstrating against an aspect of the sinterklaastraditie, considered by some to be a defender’.

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