Miner comes to Germany

043795d2f46e5abdbf77ba7191d0bc40 - Miner comes to Germany

IBBENBÜREN – a Few days before the official end of the steenkolenbouw in Germany, is a miner to the life. In a dungeon in the place Ibbenbüren died, a 29-year-old mechanic when he was under the ground clamp was to sit in a so-called weerdeur.

Photo for illustration.

It was the first fatal accident in the German coal industry since 2012. The incident was during the decommissioning of the mine in North rhine-Westphalia, which two weeks ago closed for the night.

Saturday is the last coal mine in Bottrop, close. That means the official end of the steenkolenbouw in Germany. In the country is still plenty of lignite won. The dismantling of the amount of hard coal mined will take approximately one year.

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