Martial artist and actor Jon Bluming died

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Jon Bluming

Bluming was grand master in some traditional Japanese martial arts and Korea veteran. The Amsterdammer, which has long been in The Bilt lived, was a pupil of the pioneer of judo in the Netherlands, ” grandpa Schutte’ from Haarlem and specialized in the fifties in Seoul in the Korean martial art of Taekgyeon. He was also judotraining with well-known judoka in Tokyo.

The athlete was in the sixties, involved in the formation of various unions, such as the Dutch Karate Association (NKA), the European Karate Organization (EKO) and the International Karate Organization (IKO). Bluming was the first foreigner who taught in karate in the country of origin and was an important ambassador of the Kyokushinkai-karate in Europe. He received several prestigious awards, including the 10th Dan Kyokushinkai. The Dutchman was the first non-Japanese karateka who have this honour.

In the sixties and seventies was Bluming increasingly requested for film and tv productions. So he had more rolls in turks Fruit (1973), The Burglar (1972), Naked over the fence (1973), Murder in ecstasy (1984) and The Ratelrat (1987). Also, he played several seasons in the successful gevangeniskomedie Let it sit with John Kraaijkamp.

Bluming leaves a wife and two children.

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